Rent Agreement Termination Notice


Complete details about the LANDLORD

Complete details about the Tenant

Complete details about the Property

Reason for Termination

Failure to pay the rent in spite of repeated warnings.
A second notice of violation.
Completion of the lease term.
Indulging in illegal activities.
The tenant was charged or arrested for a criminal offense.
Unauthorized pet or person living with the tenant.
Destroyed or damaged the rental property.
Abandoned the rental property before the end of rental term.
The tenants did not allow the landlord to lawfully access the rental property.
Completion of the term.



In India the landlord may not have the complete right on the property when giving it for rent, but, one right that he has is the eviction of the tenant in case the tenant breaks any of the tenancy rules mentioned in the lease agreement.

It is advisable that the Landlord should take a serious note of the following points and design a lease agreement with strict rules for the tenants thus, making it easier for the landlord to evict the tenant in case the situation arises when the tenant has not paid the rental amount, sublet the premises without the consent of the Landlord, damaged the property, using the premises for unlawful purposes etc.

Similarly, while issuing the Eviction of Premises notice to the tenant, the landlord should have the following points in the said notice very categorically;

  1. Define the reason of eviction: Landlord have to clearly state all the reason behind evicting the tenant. Wherever possible, give examples. Also, make sure you tell them that this is against the rules set in the lease agreement.
  2. Define the period: An eviction letter should clearly mention the time period within which they must leave the property. The time can vary between 1-3 months depending on the reason.
  3. Mention remedies, if any: In case the tenant has been living in the property for long, but has been breaking the rules lately, you could send them an eviction letter as a warning. You could also share some remedies following which the eviction could become null and void.



Like mentioned earlier, a rental agreement or a tenancy agreement comes to an end automatically when its term expires. However, the agreement can be ended by either a tenant or an owner before the term is completed, under certain circumstances.
Yes, if it's in the lease You can put any kind of clause in your lease, including one that allows you to break the lease early. The clause usually has language to the effect that the lease will terminate (typically after 30 days' notice) upon sale of the property or if the landlord wishes to live in the property.
If a tenant is found guilty of certain activities which are illegal, immoral, anti-social or anti-national, terrorist activities or storing of explosives or drugs in the premises, or carrying out any kind of criminal activities, then the owner has the right to terminate the agreement.


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