Complete details about the Testator (maker of will)

Complete details about Executor/Trustee

Complete details about Family Members/ Legal Heirs

Complete details about the Immovable Properties owned by the Testator and/or having share/ownership rights in such properties.

Step 5

Complete details of the person in whose name such assets be transferred

Step 8

HOW TO DRAFT LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT BY YOUR OWN AT NYAYASEVAK PORTAL Nyayasevak has introduced one more unique feature of drafting Will at your own. This unique feature has enabled our users to get the Will drafted at their convenience of time. Nyayasevak has simplified the procedure of drafting the Will by merely filling up the blanks easily answerable by any individual. Once all the requisite details are filled and once the requisite payments are made by the user, our team of eminent experts will scrutinize the Will and suggest appropriate corrections, if any and will accordingly finalize your Will.   NYAYASEVAK has introduced this unique online portal which will cater all your legal requirements needed for the registrations of FSSAI Licenses in India. Our eminent team of experts will guide you on each and every phase during the application of your FSSAI Registration. A strong professional team, first rated human resources and modern technical support enable NYAYASEVAK, to provide legal services in a well-researched, quick, quality conscious and in cost efficient manner.


A Will is a legal document that sets forth the wishes of the person making it (the testator) regarding the distribution of all the assets and the care of minor children, if any, after their death. A will is very important document for succession planning of the individuals to ensure that after his/her demise, there are no disputes amongst the legal heirs. The Will names an executor/trustee who is been entrusted with the duty to carry out the all the last wishes of the deceased.
The Indian Succession Act, 1925, governs the law of succession in India. However, for some religions, personal laws are implemented in respect of the assets owned/possessed by the Testator at the time of making of Will. For instance, matters relating to succession and inheritance of a Muslims are governed by Muslim personal laws. Similarly, in case of Indian Christians and Parsis, upon marriage a will stands revoked so needs to be made again.
Further, while it is not necessary to register a will in India, if it is registered with the office of the Sub-registrar of Assurances under the Indian Registration Act, 1908, it would prevent the same from being challenged after the death of the testator.
In order to overcome all such legal and technical issues in drafting a valid, correct and up-to-date Will, We at NYAYASEVAK has come up with a very easy to access and user friendly online portal wherein our compliance team will assist you to draft one such Will quickly, adequately and at a very nominal cost.


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